Sunday, October 2, 2011

Images of Cell Phone Towers and Vines

We drew 10' - 12' cell phone towers on the polycarbonate plastic. For the first version, there was no organic material. Beginning with drawn images and photographs, we projected sketches upon the walls in order to transfer the image to the polycarbonate. After we drew the large-scale form, the plastic was transferred to the floor, where it was painted with acrylic washes.

Close-up of the surface.

The cell phone tower backlit. Through an experimental process of trial and error, we found that the best way to use the material was to sew two layers of screen on the polycarbonate plastic once it was painted.

The cell phone towers stage two:

Vines snaked up their sides. We intend to work on their transition from an architectural object to something with more of an organic form. The phases of transition will be represented in a chronology of sculpture. This is the beginning of that metamorphosis.

Backlit detail:

The light brought these sculptures alive, whether they were backlit or projected upon.

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