Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting a sense of the installation

This was an experimentation in light and space. These images include the sculptures with projections in the background.

The sculptural objects were suspended from the ceiling. We intend to group them closely in future installations.

Images featuring the video:

As the light from the video changes:

The Tree

The tree is central to our collaboration. We painted a tree, fusing the sycamore with the cicada.

The tree was painted using an opaque style of paint application and casts a strong shadow. We intended the tree to have a camouflage appearance.

The leaves of the tree were recreated cicada wings.

The tree functioned as a solid surface for video projection and changed colors as the video progressed.

Images of Cell Phone Towers and Vines

We drew 10' - 12' cell phone towers on the polycarbonate plastic. For the first version, there was no organic material. Beginning with drawn images and photographs, we projected sketches upon the walls in order to transfer the image to the polycarbonate. After we drew the large-scale form, the plastic was transferred to the floor, where it was painted with acrylic washes.

Close-up of the surface.

The cell phone tower backlit. Through an experimental process of trial and error, we found that the best way to use the material was to sew two layers of screen on the polycarbonate plastic once it was painted.

The cell phone towers stage two:

Vines snaked up their sides. We intend to work on their transition from an architectural object to something with more of an organic form. The phases of transition will be represented in a chronology of sculpture. This is the beginning of that metamorphosis.

Backlit detail:

The light brought these sculptures alive, whether they were backlit or projected upon.

The Scene is Set

Setting up for our photo shoot. Lights ON!

Lights OFF!

Running Woman in the City

A few still images from the experimental track overlaying the figure in urban imagery filmed in Miami.

Running Woman in the Country

Our first experiments with animation with the running woman in a rural setting.

Running Woman

The running woman is a central figure in our work. We recreated this imagery digitally in order to import the visual information to Final Cut Pro. Once imported, we experimented with animation to activate her arms and legs.